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Bread Stick

Our Bread Stick is manufactured by CiaoCarb in Italia by Professional Bakers. CiaoCarb embraces a wide range of products such as pasta, biscuits, chocolates, and all kinds of bakery delight, a low intake of carbohydrates and no added sugar.

We are the only distributor of CiaoCarb's high protein & low carbohydrate Bread Stick in India.

Our Bread Stick is low in carb and high in protein, it is most recommended product by registered dietitian and professional bodybuilders. Now you can buy high protein and low carbohydrates Bread Stick online in India.


wheat gluten (gluten), isolated soy protein (soy), oat protein, rice protein, wheat fibre (gluten), acacia fibre, extra virgin olive oil, yeast, salt, emulsifier: soy lecithin (soy), e471.

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₹ 360.00
Energy 352.00 Kcal / 1471 Kj 176.00 Kcal / 735.50 Kj
Fat 12.00 g 6.00 g
Saturates 6.00 g 3.00 g
Carbohydrate 8.00 g 4.00 g
Sugars 1.00 g 0.50g g
Fibre 30.00 g 15.00 g
Protein 38.00 g 19.00 g
Salt 1.35 g 0.68 g
Of Which Sodium 540 mg 270 mg