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Modern Nutrition with High Protein Content and Low Carbohydrate  Level

for Weight Loss and Body Building.


( Recommended by Renowned Dietitian Tahseen Siddiqui)


Its is easily identifiable by its

Color RED indicating ACTION and VITALITY


    •       If you are a Sportsperson or a Bodybuilder, and also want to loss weigh in 15 days therefore need an increased protein content in your diet, you absolutely need to try our PROTO-Creations!

    •       An extensive range of protein-rich products specifically formulated to sustain you during training and during your Diet, without you having to give up on the simple pleasures of scrumptious food!

    •       Our protein mix is prevalently made up of vegetable proteins, to which we add milk and some Product has egg white proteins to complete its amino acid profile

    •       Our products aren’t only designated to Sportspeople , they can also be used by those in search of a healthy way to lose Weight ( for Weight loss you need to use only our product from stage-1 like in Breakfast you can use Chocospread with Prototost or Protobrio, or Protobread with glass of skim milk or any juice, At Launch you can use our any form of Porto pasts by using olive oil and lots of vegetal and chicken. Evening time you can have tea with sweetner Sweet Sensation along with Protobisco or photo kiss. Dinner with gain any form of pasta, or Proto Peadina (Italian Roti) with ckecken or vegetable cooked in Oliv oil at night you can have Protochoc Bar)

  •       A meal plan rich in Protein allows you to keep Blood sugar levels under control and increase your BASAL METABOLIC rate, helping LIPOLYSIS and therefore promoting WEIGHT LOSS

    •       Assimilating such a large amount of PROTEIN also aids the preservation of muscle mass during weight loss


What is protein?

I. PROTEINS are the principal components of Muscle tissue, Internal Organs, Skin, Hair and Bone mass.

II. Their main function is to regenerate cells and maintain cell structure when needed and can be used by our body as energy

How Protein Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally

By Kris Gunnars, BSc | Reviewed on May 29, 2017 | 


Protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss and a better looking body.

A high protein intake boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and changes several weight-regulating hormones.

Protein can help you lose weight and belly fat, and it works via several different mechanisms. (Using High Protein food for weigh loss you can loss Weight up 10 to 15 kg in 20 days time)

This is a detailed review of the effects of protein on weight loss.(https://authoritynutrition.com/how-to-lose-weight-as-fast-as-possible/)1.

Cut Back on Sugars and Starches ( Carbohydred)

The most important part is to cut back on sugars and starches (carbs).

These are the foods that stimulate secretion of insulin the most. If you didn’t know already, insulin is the main fat storage hormone in the body.

When insulin goes down, fat has an easier time getting out of the fat stores and the body starts burning fats instead of carbs.

Another benefit of lowering insulin is that your kidneys shed excess sodium and water out of your body, which reduces bloat and unnecessary water weight.

It is not uncommon to lose up to 10 pounds (sometimes more) in the first week of eating this way, both body fat and water weight.

This is a graph from a study comparing low-carb and low-fat diets in overweight/obese women.

The low-carb group is eating until fullness, while the low-fat group is calorie restricted and hungry.

Cut the carbs, lower your insulin and you will start to eat less calories automatically and without hunger.



 I've been on a diet high in proteins and low in carbohydrates for several weeks now, and I've lost weight on it. What do you think of this type of diet?


 High-protein diets can bring a quick drop in weight because eliminating carbohydrates causes a loss of body fluids. And, high-protein diets cause substances called ketones to be released into the bloodstream. The ketones make dieting easier by lowering appetite.I tried one of these diets and it worked. But I didn't feel quite right eating so many high-protein dishes while avoiding carb foods such as my favorite, Roti,bread Rice. ( Here Ciaocarb has Bread, Roat, and rice with High Protein and low carb.)

"For most healthy people, a high-protein diet generally isn't harmful if followed for a short time, such as three to four months, and may help with weight loss," according to Katherine Zeratsky, a dietitian at the Mayo Clinic. "However, the risks of using a high-protein diet — usually with carbohydrate restriction — for the long term are still being studied. Several health problems may result if a high-protein diet is followed for an extended time."

Here are some problems that can happen to people on a high-protein diet:

Some high-protein diets don't provide enough fiber. This can cause constipation and intestinal inflammation. This may also increase the risk for cancer. ( Ciaocarb stage -2 has answer for this, its reduce the risk of cancer and intestinal inflammation )

"Feel fit and boost your health -- in just weeks!" So say the authors of this low-carb diet that once topped The New York Times.

The diet is basically a low-carb, high-protein eating plan with a lot of scientific explanations about insulin and glucagons, the major hormones that turn food into fuel for your body.

The idea is that by limiting carbs, you lower your insulin level. That leads your body to make more glucagon, which helps burn stored fat. Do this long enough, and the fat seems to melt away, the authors claim.

Level of Effort: Medium

Like many high-protein, low-carb diets, you may really need to change what you're eating while you're on this plan.

(Here Ciaocarb has solutions they have Satge-1 High protein with low Carb, Stage-2, High Protein with Low Carb and High Fibres and Stage-3  Balance diet) 


What DR. Brunilda Nazario, MD, Says:

Does It Work?

A high-protein diet will help you lose weight. A number of studies show that diets higher in protein keep you fuller better than other types of diets. Other studies show that restricting carbs, as a result of a high-protein diet, causes more weight loss. But calories still count!

Is It Good for Certain Conditions?

The Protein Power diet would work for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, or high cholesterol. The Power Protein diet is a low-carb diet with less than 20% of total calories from carbs or less than 100 grams of carbs per day. Limiting carbs helps lower blood sugar, insulin, bad cholesterol, and blood pressure. It also boosts HDL ("good") cholesterol.

But getting too much protein can raise your uric acid levels, which can cause gout. Too much protein load also could be a problem in anyone with kidney problems.

You also need to make sure that you're not getting too much fat from your food if your doctor has given you guidelines on that to help lower your cholesterol, for instance.

Women of childbearing age need folate, which is added to flour, and if you cut out carbs, that will mean you get less folate. Prepregnancy weight loss is best done with a more balanced approach that cuts calories.

The Final Word

It's a simple dieting approach that essentially eliminates one major food group, and, like any restrictive diet, it is difficult for most people to sustain for a long time, .

This diet will help you lose weight, but if you have a specific nutritional need this may not be the diet for you. You may need to take a daily supplement to cover any nutritional gaps in vitamins and minerals.